News and Features

An interview with Emily Lu and Danielle Wirsansky, PhD students, about the play "Kokonron" that they put on during FSU's School of Theatre's Spring Fringe Festival.

An interview with Caroline Hackett who has been doing fieldwork in France during the winter and spring of 2022. Caroline is in the third year of her PhD, working on the relationship between gender and property in southern France during and after the French Revolution.

An interview with Annalia Buchanan, Cecilia Malley, FSU first-year students, and Dr. Annika Culver about working together on a UROP project. Cecilia and Annalia are helping Dr. Annika Culver with the research for her book on Ms. Masako Hachisuka, the grand-niece of the last shogun of Japan.

A tribute to Dr. Rodney Anderson (1938-2022).

An interview with Abby Felde and Trey Woodall, both undergraduate students, and Erik Braeden Lewis, a doctoral candidate, about participating in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program.

An interview with Tyler Roy, a senior History major, about his internship with the Office of the Senate Secretary at the Florida Capitol. Tyler is graduating this spring and is planning to go to law school.

An interview with Logan Buffa, a senior studying History and Political Science, and his faculty mentor, Dr. Katherine Mooney. Logan transferred to FSU as a junior in 2020. Upon graduation, he plans to go to graduate school in History. His HITM project addresses the question: Where did Florida Man come from historically?

An interview with Taylor Aspinwall, an MA student in the Public History program, about her experience interning at the Tallahassee Museum.

In this interview, Frank Amico discusses his engagement with history from his research project on environmental science history to his role as treasurer of the History Graduate Student Association.

An interview with Madeleine Stout who is an officer in the History Graduate Student Association. She talks about her passion for history, and what role she sees the HGSA playing in the life of the graduate student community.