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An interview with Kieran Stenson and Malaika Whitmore about working with Dr. Jennifer Koslow on the UROP project "The History of Race Relations Tallahassee."

The mission of the Rosenstrasse Foundation is to commemorate, encourage, and educate about civil courage--concrete actions in opposition to injustice and human rights violations. The RF was established by Dr. Nathan Stoltzfus, professor of History at FSU, and others in 2018. Over the last few years, the RF has hosted a number of UROP students. FSU History spoke with four of them: Mary Moshos, Madison Bogert, Trey Cochenour, and Michelle Beebe.

An interview with Dr. John Cable about his career as a high school social science teacher and an assistant professor of history.

An interview with Matthew Storey about his experiences working in the State Archives of Florida.

In this interview, Dr. Kent Peacock shares with us his experiences working as an Academic Advisor, Instructor, and Dual Enrollment Associate of General Studies Coordinator at Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.

An interview with Dena Reddick about her current work experiences as an employee of the Department of Elder Affairs.

An interview with Mallory McGovern about her Virtual Student Federal Service internship with EducationUSA.

An interview of FSU History alumnus Lee Morrison by Kiri Raber in which he is discussing his experiences in graduate school.

An interview with Megan Groninger, PhD candidate in British history, who is working with Dr. Chuck Upchurch. She is investigating ways in which British women in the early to mid-19th century used motherhood as a site from which to argue for social and political change and how this changes how we view the early women’s movement. In 2021, Megan was the graduate student representative on the executive council of the North American Conference of British Studies (NACBS), the premier academic organization for British studies in the U.S. and Canada.

In this article, Dr. Stephanie Laffer talks about her career since gaining her PhD from FSU History in 2010. Dr. Laffer describes how the different skills, tools, and knowledge gained in the graduate program at FSU have helped her with every facet of her career. Currently she is a customer support training manager for Promethean, an educational technology company.