History major

Last fall, Wesley Grayson chose the senior seminar with the title "Crimes of the Powerful and Civil Resistance." In this interview, he explains the challenges of working on a topic that relies heavily on non-English language sources.

Ana Luyanda has had a passion for museums and history since elementary school. This semester she is interning at two places in Tallahassee: the Museum of Florida History and the Riley House and Center Museum. Here she talks about her experiences.

What's it like to do undergraduate research? Follow Leilani and Maddox as they talk about their time working on projects related to the Rosenstrasse protests in Germany in 1943.

After three semesters as a social media intern, Brooke Thomson shares her experiences designing digital content and refining her storytelling skills.

John Hight researched how women's participation in car racing and driving in the interwar period (1918-1939) in Britain reflected changing gender roles and representations in society.

History major Kayla Reeves has been interning at the Thomasville History Center for the last two semesters. This allowed her to see how a physical archive works, as previously she had only used online archives. In this article, Reeves explains how working on the history of one town has provided her with a new historical perspective.

History major Alexandra graduated from Florida State in Spring 2023. In this interview, she explains how she decided on her research topic, sets out the sources she used from newspaper articles to government records to art, and shares what helped her stay on track with her project.

Gabrielle graduated from Florida State in the spring of 2023. In her last year at university, she planned, researched, and wrote an Honors in the Major thesis under the guidance of Dr. Paul Renfro. In this article, she discusses her experience pursuing such a milestone project.

The senior seminar is History's capstone course in which History majors pursue research in a topic of their choice. Follow along with Jillian to see what it was like to research and write her senior seminar paper.

Are you looking for an extracurricular activity that isn't research or clubs? Check out this article on peer mentorship to learn more about what the opportunity was like for History major Annalia!