Honors in the Major

In this interview, Carlos Campos (FSU 2023) reflects on researching and writing an Honors in the Major thesis. Carlos worked with Dr. Maier Katkin and Dr. Stoltzfus on Clarence Darrow, one of the key figures of the progressive era.

My name is Angilmarie Rivera Sanchez, and I am a senior at the university double majoring in History and Political Science, certified in U.S. Intelligence Services and TESOL. My HITM project is titled “The Role of Gender in Commemorating the White Rose.” The White Rose was a student-led resistance group that condemned Hitler's Germany, calling for an end to the war and the government's war crimes by publishing anonymous leaflets. While both men and women were members of this group, between the 1980s and 2000s just one woman, Sophie Scholl, became the face of the movement. My study tries to explain this change in the commemoration of the White Rose.

History major Ethan Dubroff talks about his experiences in pursuing an Honors in the Major project. "Since I hope to pursue my masters and possible PhD, I knew I wanted to participate in the Honors in the Major program, so I could get more experience with larger research projects."

An interview with Noah Dubroff in which he discusses his experiences with doing an Honors in the Major thesis.

An interview with Logan Buffa, a senior studying History and Political Science, and his faculty mentor, Dr. Katherine Mooney. Logan transferred to FSU as a junior in 2020. Upon graduation, he plans to go to graduate school in History. His HITM project addresses the question: Where did Florida Man come from historically?

Who would not want to work on superheroes? To look at their lives and exploits in a world of fast-paced adventures and moral absolutes. This is what Spencer Molenaar has decided to work on in his Honors in the Major project (HITM) for History.

Christina Portuallo was introduced to the Lowell Correctional Institution and its questionable history in Dr. McTighe’s undergraduate class on mass incarceration. This marked the beginning of her long journey of research on the history of women’s prisons in the United States.

We’ve all missed out on something due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. A family vacation, a summer job, but what about the chance to study at Harvard over the summer? Jake was supposed to spend a couple weeks this past Summer poring over the archives of the Harvard Business School to do research for his History Honors in the Major (HITM) project.

The idea behind Elias Larralde’s Honors in the Major thesis was already germinating in his mind before he started at FSU. The topic, the mapping of an Afro-Cuban religious song using geographic information systems, would eventually serve as the basis for his research topic.

Gillian Morton, who majored in History and International Affairs, successfully defended her honors thesis, “Surviving and Striving for Normalcy: The Endurance of the Americans of Baguio Interned by the Japanese in the Philippines during World War II” in the Fall 2018 semester.