Senior Seminar

When Dr. Upchurch introduced his students to different primary sources for their senior seminar project, Meredith was immediately drawn to working with the trial records available through the Old Bailey Online. She focused on people condemned to transportation.

When Catherine Patillo decided to work on the history of Doak Campbell Stadium for her senior seminar paper, she quickly discovered that there was a lot of material available in FSU's Special Collection. In this interview, Patillo describes how she stayed on top of her primary sources and the writing of her research paper.

Last fall, Wesley Grayson chose the senior seminar with the title "Crimes of the Powerful and Civil Resistance." In this interview, he explains the challenges of working on a topic that relies heavily on non-English language sources.

John Hight researched how women's participation in car racing and driving in the interwar period (1918-1939) in Britain reflected changing gender roles and representations in society.

History major Alexandra graduated from Florida State in Spring 2023. In this interview, she explains how she decided on her research topic, sets out the sources she used from newspaper articles to government records to art, and shares what helped her stay on track with her project.

The senior seminar is History's capstone course in which History majors pursue research in a topic of their choice. Follow along with Jillian to see what it was like to research and write her senior seminar paper.

History major Ryan completed his senior seminar with Dr. Nilay Özok-Gündoğan. He had always been interested in military history and the seminar on 'World War I and the Middle East' was a great fit. Ryan's advice: "Be passionate about the work you do – and you will do well. If you find something you love, it will not seem like work to you."

Elizabeth Richardson took Dr. Andrew Frank's 'FSU and the Seminole Tribe' for her senior seminar class. The project she researched and wrote on provides an in-depth analysis of the Native American imagery utilized by Florida State from the time the university chose the Seminoles as its icon in 1947 to the symbolism employed by the university today. "Being raised a Gator, I knew only a little about Florida State’s traditions and nothing about FSU’s real connection to the Seminole tribe. This course provided me with mountains of information regarding FSU’s history, becoming my favorite undergrad course, ...".

Hi, I am Cassandra, and I recently graduated from FSU's Department of History. In this project, I explore the connections between a series of government reforms occurring near the end of the reign of King Louis XV and enlightened absolutism. I spent the summer of 2022 studying in Paris and loved seeing all of the history in the city for myself. I chose Dr. Cathy McClive's senior seminar on Claudine Rouge’s disappearance in 18th century France because it would give me a chance to explore more complex themes in early modern French history, which is one of my favorite time periods in history.

My name is Gabrielle, and I am a senior hoping to graduate this spring semester. In the senior seminar on American Pop Culture with Dr. Mooney, I began to work on 1990s feminism. For my senior seminar paper, I decided to look at “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” the TV series. I loved watching Buffy as a child, and it was wonderful being able to use my passion for my senior thesis.