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History major Ryan Alvarez transferred to FSU after his freshman year. He came because of the professors in the History department and the courses that were offered. His advice to incoming students: Involve yourself in the history community and talk to your advisors and your teachers. The university and the department provide a lot of tools to succeed - but you need to reach out and make use of them.

Michael is in his 4th year in the grad program, he became ABD last year. His research focuses on how successive British governments have used land policies to create loyal subjects, especially by appealing to masculine ideals of the householder, the small-hold farmer, in Ireland and South Africa between 1870 and 1910. In this interview, he is talking about what it is like to do research in London.

Hi, I am Mallory Malman, I am a senior at Florida State University, double majoring in History and English – Editing, Writing, Media. I came to FSU because I was selected for the Presidential Scholar program. I became interested in History during my Freshman year when I worked with Dr. Piehler, the Director of the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience, on a project through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Through the coursework for the History major, I have come to realize that History is what I want to do with my life. Let me share my senior seminar experience with you.

FSU alumnus Weston Nunn relates how his graduate training in History was an excellent preparation for his job as grant writer for the foundation of a regional hospital system.

My name is Ana Teresa, and I graduated from FSU in fall 2022. As part of the History major, I had to write an article-length paper, the senior thesis. I chose to do my senior seminar on U.S pop culture with Dr. Mooney. I decided to work on the animated Barbie movies that were released between 2001 and 2014.

My name is Angilmarie Rivera Sanchez, and I am a senior at the university double majoring in History and Political Science, certified in U.S. Intelligence Services and TESOL. My HITM project is titled “The Role of Gender in Commemorating the White Rose.” The White Rose was a student-led resistance group that condemned Hitler's Germany, calling for an end to the war and the government's war crimes by publishing anonymous leaflets. While both men and women were members of this group, between the 1980s and 2000s just one woman, Sophie Scholl, became the face of the movement. My study tries to explain this change in the commemoration of the White Rose.

PhD candidate Chelsi Arellano shares her experiences of doing research in London. She is working on the Glorious Revolution of 1688 as a global enterprise with a focus on the East and West Indies, the colonies in North America, and England.

History major Ethan Dubroff talks about his experiences in pursuing an Honors in the Major project. "Since I hope to pursue my masters and possible PhD, I knew I wanted to participate in the Honors in the Major program, so I could get more experience with larger research projects."

An interview with Noah Dubroff in which he discusses his experiences with doing an Honors in the Major thesis.

FSU History alumna Denise Spivey reflects on her career. " Since I was a teenager, I have known I wanted to teach. When I took an amazing Classics course as an undergraduate, I realized I wanted to teach at the college level. Today I am a tenured History professor at Tallahassee Community College, the result of a somewhat unconventional but strangely direct path."