The FSU history department is home to several institutes and programs, each of which offers scholars and the public useful information and resources, and provides graduate students important educational and professional opportunities. These and other institutes sponsored by the history department are important centers of research, information, and scholarship. In addition, these units often provide students with work opportunities to help fund their graduate studies.

Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution

The premier center for Napoleonic studies in North America.

Institute on World War II and the Human Experience

One of the largest non-federally funded repositories of World War II archival materials in the U.S.

Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels Professorship for Holocaust and Related Studies

Serves as a lasting tribute Dorothy and Jonathan Rintels’ vision and commitment to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and the defeat of totalitarianism.

Program in Historical Administration and Public History

Provides specialized graduate-level training to future public historians.

Holocaust Institute for Educators

Provides teachers with comprehensive historical information concerning the Holocaust and supplements the current FSU curriculum to educate young people about the significance of the Holocaust.