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Welcome to the Florida State University Department of History, a place to explore and examine the past to cultivate a deeper understanding of the present. Choose from a rich selection of areas and themes and access exceptionally rich historical resources as you pursue your undergraduate or graduate degree in the field.

Who we are

FSU History faculty are committed to excellence in both teaching and research, and our courses and areas of specialty span a wide range including Asian, American, Latin-American, and European history, and gender and sexuality, military history, race and racism, legal history, environmental history, and more. You’ll find topics and resources that spark your curiosity in learning more about humanity’s journey to the present and the histories – told and untold – that help us understand our world.

As a leading history department in the Southeastern U.S., FSU History has a lengthy tradition of scholarly excellence and academic achievement. Our graduates, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, go on to work in public policy, law, museum and public history operations, and education, among many other areas, and they excel at the local, state and national levels.

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Programs and Institutes

The FSU Department of History offers a variety of programs designed to prepare students with valuable, marketable skills that enable them to succeed in the career of their choosing.

While many people enjoy history simply because it is interesting, there are a number of practical reasons for studying it: Understanding the past helps us live in the present and build the future, and it also helps us understand how political, economic, social, and cultural systems work and the benefits and disadvantages of each. Understanding the ways in which historical experiences have shaped our own lives and outlooks, and those of others, enables us to see why we think the way we do and examine differing experiences in context.

FSU history students receive training and gain experience in analytical thinking, research, problem-solving, communication and presentation, and project management — in-demand skills sought by employers across industries — through coursework and engagement with the department's specialized programs and institutes.

Department of History

News and Features

In this interview, Hope Evans discusses her experiences as a summer camp assistant and museum educator at the John G. Riley Center/ Museum of African American History and Culture. Recently, Evans started a new position at the Riley Center as curator and education director.

In this interview, Anne Tirrell shares her thoughts on being a History major and a student at Florida State. "The best thing about coming to FSU was the opportunity to know and work with like-minded friends and peers in the History Department, with whom I can both share my research and passions and learn from in turn. This is something I am incredibly privileged to have."

Dr. Abe Gibson recently created the project "Honest Abe," in which he examines the impact that artificial intelligence could have on the historical record and the historical profession. He was especially curious about the sudden rise of deepfakes, generative AI, and other synthetic media. In this interview, Gibson talks about his aims in setting up the website.