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Understanding the Past to Shape the Future.

Welcome to the History Department at FSU.

As an FSU History student, you will learn how the world works. There is no understanding the present without understanding its origins in the past.

What do we do?

Through research, we seek an improved and more accurate understanding of the past.

Through reading, reflection, and debate, we develop new methods for understanding the past.

Through lectures and seminars, we share our findings with students and colleagues.

Through our public speaking and publishing, we bring these narratives to wider audiences.

Together, we are shaping the way history is understood today and practiced tomorrow.

As an undergraduate you will

  • Select a broad range of courses covering most of the globe, most periods of human history, and most areas of human experience (gender, politics, economics, sexuality, law, war, etc.);
  • Learn to do history: Frame a question. Seek out and evaluate sources. Interpret evidence. Craft a persuasive argument. Convey your findings across multiple media; and
  • Acquire crucial skills employers seek and graduate schools require, particularly the ability to write clearly and persuasively.

Explore the undergraduate experience.

As a graduate student you will

  • Develop deep subject knowledge - through a focused curriculum;
  • Learn the scholarly conventions of the modern historical profession - through research-oriented seminars;
  • Participate in formal training courses preparing you for future employment as a professional historian; and
  • Develop the skills to teach history at the college and university level - through coursework and extensive in-class experience.

Learn more about being a graduate student.


picture of Dr. Laurie Wood

Diversity, inclusion, and the history of these topics have come to the fore over the past few months as the United States has taken a hard look at its racial history. Over the summer, Dr. Laurie Wood joined Alice Fabela in a Zoom interview to discuss how these topics pertain to Dr. Wood’s scholarly work. Dr.

Dr. Amy Carney

This past spring, it hit me – I finished my dissertation 10 years ago. Wow, it is still a bit of a shock to think about it. Where has all the time gone?

Picture of Julie Mishner

I’m currently a product manager for the plastic packaging division of Jabil, Inc., one of the largest electronics manufacturing services companies in the world. A lot happened between graduating and now, so bear with me. I tell this to a lot of students, recent grads and colleagues who find themselves second-guessing, and even hating what they’re doing and feel like they’re pigeon-holed.

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