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I obtained my MA in History from FSU in May 2016 and immediately found work as a high school teacher for Miami-Dade County public schools. At Florida State University I had the pleasure of teaching in the Humanities Department while researching the Napoleonic era.

Each student’s academic path is unique, but Emile Boghos’ path to graduation has been especially so. After taking a few years off to work on political campaigns, Emile is graduating this Fall 2020 semester with a bachelor’s degree in history.

I didn’t start out in history.  I completed BAs in English and Anthropology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. From there I went to the University of West Florida for an MA in Anthropology. At around that time, I decided to pivot and shift my focus away from historical archaeology to history. To that end, I began another MA at Florida State University, this time in American History.

My name is Sebastian Mejia, and I was part of the Moore Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program cohort in the summer of 2019.  At Florida State, I obtained a B.S. in Latin American & Caribbean Studies, another B.S. in International Affairs with a concentration in History, and a Minor in Portuguese. I graduated in Spring 2020. I took several Latin American & Caribbean History courses and wrote an honors thesis with Dr. Hicks as my advisor.

I graduated from FSU in 2019, and I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Back at Florida State, I worked with Dr. G. Kurt Piehler to study U.S. political history and modern conservatism, while doing the course work including Asian and European history as minor fields. Only one and a half years have passed since my Ph.D.

When Dr. James Denham started his higher education at FSU, he was not planning to pursue a graduate degree in History. He went on to graduate from FSU in 1988 after receiving his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D in History. Now a professor and director of the Lawton M. Chiles Jr.

Want to teach English abroad? We asked Russell Rivers, a senior in History, how he got selected to teach English in Korea. Russell will graduate this fall semester and is going to Korea in 2021.

Who would not want to work on superheroes? To look at their lives and exploits in a world of fast-paced adventures and moral absolutes. This is what Spencer Molenaar has decided to work on in his Honors in the Major project (HITM) for History.

Christina Portuallo was introduced to the Lowell Correctional Institution and its questionable history in Dr. McTighe’s undergraduate class on mass incarceration. This marked the beginning of her long journey of research on the history of women’s prisons in the United States.

We’ve all missed out on something due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. A family vacation, a summer job, but what about the chance to study at Harvard over the summer? Jake was supposed to spend a couple weeks this past Summer poring over the archives of the Harvard Business School to do research for his History Honors in the Major (HITM) project.