Undergraduate Requirements

State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites 

  • The State of Florida has identified common course prerequisites for this University degree program. These prerequisites are lower-level courses that are required for preparation for the University major prior to a student receiving a baccalaureate degree from Florida State University. They may be taken either at a community college or in a university lower-division program. It is preferred that these common course prerequisites be completed in the freshman and sophomore years. The following lists the common course prerequisites or approved substitutions necessary for this degree program: two introductory courses (six (6) semester hours) in history with an AMH, ASH, EUH, HIS, LAH, or WOH prefix

Requirements for a Major in History*

  • 39 hours are required (including two World History courses if no European test credit has been earned). At least 21 of these hours must be earned at FSU. Students with history test credit (American or European AP, IB, or CLEP) should contact the departmental advisor before taking any of the courses below. [* Students entering FSU prior to Fall 2012 are required to complete 33 credits.]
  • All of the following, or their equivalent (12 hours)
    • WOH 1023 (3) The Modern World to 1815 (community college equivalent EUH 1000 or WOH 1012)
    • WOH 1030 (3) The Modern World since 1815 (community college equivalent EUH 1001 or WOH1022)
    • AMH 2010 (3) A History of the United States to 1865
    • AMH 2020 (3) A History of the United States since 1865
    • 27 additional hours in upper level history courses distributed as follows:
      • U. S. History: 6 hours
      • European History: 6 hours
      • Latin American or Asian or African or Russian History (in any combination): 6 hours
      • Two additional 3/4000-level history courses, any topic: 6 hours (Required of students entering Fall 2012 and after)
      • HIS 4935 (3) Senior Seminar. Topics vary.
  • Directed Individual Studies, Tutorials, and Honors work may not be counted toward the major. Students must complete a foreign language through the intermediate (2220 or equivalent) level. A minor (or second major) is required.
  • A minor of twelve (12) semester hours beyond liberal studies requirements in an approved departmental field or fifteen (15) semester hours in an interdepartmental area is required. Individual departments and interdepartmental areas may impose additional requirements. The student should consult the appropriate departmental chapter of this General Bulletin to see if the department has further requirements. A student may not count towards the major or minor any course in which a grade below "C-" is received. A minimum GPA of 2.0 within both the major and minor is required. 

Requirements for a Minor in History

  • Twelve (12) semester hours beyond liberal studies requirements in history courses numbered above 2999 are required. A grade of "C-" or better must be earned in each course counted toward the minor. At least six (6) of the twelve (12) semester hours must be earned at The Florida State University. Directed individual studies, tutorials, and test credit may not be counted toward the minor.

Double Majors

  • Students pursuing a double major must meet the program requirements of both majors, with the following exceptions: 1) No more than six (6) semester hours may be overlapped (i.e., counted toward both majors); and 2) No minors are required for the double major.

Certification in Social Science Education

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