Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at the Department of History.

History is a liberal discipline that enables students to put their lives in the contemporary world in a broad and meaningful context. It encompasses all aspects of human development chronologically, from ancient times to the present, and topically, in all areas of human interest.

An undergraduate degree in history prepares a student for vocations that require skills in critical thinking and ability in written and oral expression. Combined with certification requirements for social sciences, it can lead to a teaching career in middle or high school. It is an excellent preparation for graduate school or law school and is also desirable for those seeking positions in government or business who require a broad, liberal education rather than technical training.

The department participates in the undergraduate programs in American and Florida studies, Asian studies, humanities, international affairs, Latin American and Caribbean studies, Russian and East European studies, and in the honors in the major program.

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