Undergraduate Program



Welcome to History's Undergraduate Program.


Studying History is exciting and rewarding in itself, but also a strategic investment in your future. FSU's History degree provides you with a broad liberal arts education and helps you to become an informed citizen. Students who major in History prepare for their futures by cultivating knowledge, experiences, and skill sets sought after in a range of occupations. A History degree will give you exposure to thought-provoking courses covering many areas of the world. You can choose courses ranging from bandits to wars, exploring topics such as imperialism, immigration or terrorism. The History major at FSU prides itself on both its breadth and depth - this allows you to focus on the themes or areas that interest you most. Completing a degree in History will equip you with world cultural literacy and the tools to compete in today's job market.

History is the best major to acquire and develop the critical-thinking skills that are sought by today's employers and necessary for graduate programs. Throughout your course work, you will research, analyze, and communicate your findings. You will decipher unknown materials, contextualize them, and offer coherent analyses of their meaning. You will both work alone and in collaboration with other students, conducting semester-long research projects, posing and refining the questions you ask, and presenting - and justifying - your findings both in oral and written format to your peers. Employers today are looking for people who can think about, and solve, problems, do so in a collaborative fashion, have the skills to master digital technologies, and present their findings verbally and in writing. If you enjoy learning about all things historical, and are interested in finding employment in the public or private sectors directly after graduation or continuing with graduate school, the History major at FSU is the best option to prepare for your future.

The department participates in the undergraduate programs in American and Florida studies, Asian studies, Middle Eastern studies, humanities, international affairs, Latin American and Caribbean studies, Russian and East European studies, and in the Honors in the Major Program.