Wright and Richardson Awards

Details about these awards, each of which is named after a former Professor of History at Florida State University, are available from the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

Past recipients

Year Wright Research Award (Ph.D.) Wright Research Award (M.A.) Richardson Teaching Award


Alice Zhang   Noahl Cole, (William Oats honorable mention)


Noah Cole, Huaqing Shi   Megan Groninger, Randy Smookler
2021 Noah Cole (Alice Zhang, Honorable Mention) Ellie McQuaig (Dean Michel, Honorable Mention) Brandon Bernick, Randy Smookler
2020 Chelsi Arellano William Oaks (Jenna Pope, Honorable Mention) Benjamin Goff, Erik Braeden Lewis
2019 Justine Carre Miller (Megan Groninger, runner up) Lauren Owens Zachary Stoltzfus, Justin Vos
2018 Megan Groninger Daniel Arenas Richard Siegler
2016 Richard Siegler (Jan Mills, runner up)   Logan Edwards
2015 Kent Peacock (Katie Beasley, runner up) Richard Siegler Rebecca Shriver
2014 Jonathan Shipe (Lauren Thompson, runner up) Jerry Fisher Abe Gibson
2013 Scott Shubitz Matthew Burkhalter Cindy Ermus, Abe Gibson, Lauren Thompson
2012 Anna Amundson Matthew Burkhalter Sami Samanta, Bryan Banks
2011 Katy Boche Kevin Uhler Benjamin Harper
2010 Joseph Horan (Abraham Gibson, runner up) Jonathan Engel Amy Carney (Liz Morgenstern, runner up)
2009 Kevin Kokomoor Sarah Burns Amy Carney
2008 Jonathan Weber (Sterling Coleman, runner up) none Whitney Bendeck, Victoria Penziner
2007 Sterling Coleman, Daniel Hutchinson Christopher Griffin Darron Darby, Kelly Elliot
2006 Tamara Spike (Dave Nelson, runner up) Bob Holliday (Matt Brackett, 2nd place) Vincent Mikkelsen (Lee Willis, runner up)