Department Assistantships

The department has a limited number of assistantships that are awarded for duties connected with instruction or research. GAs may be assigned to a variety of non-teaching assignments; TAs are assigned classroom teaching responsibilities. Only full-time history students with regular graduate status are eligible for these awards. Applications must be made to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies by December 1st for the next school year. The stipends are normally subject to federal income tax. Within budget limitations, a portion of the course tuition may be waived for both in-state and out-of-state students who receive an assistantship or a fellowship. There is no separate application form for these awards; students just indicate on the admission application that they wish to be considered.

Students seeking appointment as a teaching assistant must, (1) have a minimum of 2 graduate level courses in the proposed field, (2) submit an application listing qualifications and submit a proposed syllabus, (3) have satisfactorily completed HIS 6941 "Teaching College History" prior to teaching, (4) hold the master's degree in history, and (5) have served as a grader or section leader. The application form is available in the Advising Office.

Graduate and teaching assistantships in the Department of History are awarded by the Graduate Studies Committee on the basis of such factors as: (1) grade point average; (2) letters of recommendation; (3) score on the aptitude portion of the Graduate Record Examination; and (4) academic honors and publications. Departmental financial support for a student is limited to a maximum of six years (2 years at the master's level), depending upon departmental needs and availability of funding. To continue to hold an assistantship, a student must discharge assigned duties satisfactorily and secure the Graduate Committee's recommendation for renewal. Each semester faculty members will observe some of the assistant's classes and evaluate his or her performance. Teaching assistants will not be permitted to teach more than two years except when departmental needs make it necessary. In this way, more students will have an opportunity to gain teaching experience. Teaching Assistants will teach only one course per semester. Special or part-time students are not eligible for assistantships.

No graduate student with less than a 3.0 cumulative grade point average will be continued as a graduate assistant. Students who do not complete their M.A. degrees by the end of the second year of graduate assistance will not receive additional financial support toward the M.A. from the department.