History major

Are you looking for an extracurricular activity that isn't research or clubs? Check out this article on peer mentorship to learn more about what the opportunity was like for History major Annalia!

History major Flora Domitrovic used her six weeks in Spain with FSU International Programs to research and write the history of the ceramic street signs in Valencia's historic district. Her next goal: to become a program assistant for FSU Valencia and help other students explore new places.

History major Joshua Hamburger spent six weeks at FSU's Valencia Study Center last summer. In this interview, he talks about living and studying in Spain and finding the right balance between coursework and travel.

History major Ashley Krupa went to study French in Paris with FSU International Programs last summer. In this interview, she explains how the program allowed her to work toward her French minor and visit many places important in French history.

Find out what it's like to write a senior seminar paper. Quentin Powell was fascinated by intellectual history and worked on the impact of the rhetoric of Coluccio Salutati on Renaissance Florence.

History major Ryan completed his senior seminar with Dr. Nilay Özok-Gündoğan. He had always been interested in military history and the seminar on 'World War I and the Middle East' was a great fit. Ryan's advice: "Be passionate about the work you do – and you will do well. If you find something you love, it will not seem like work to you."

Jordyn McTavish graduated with a BA in History from Florida State University in spring of 2022.
She just completed her first year at FSU’s College of Law. In this interview, McTavish shares how she prepared for law school and what sets law school apart from undergrad. Her thoughts on having been a History major in undergrad: "Law is a good option for History students. And History is a good option for students wanting to do law. History prepared me very well for law school."

Mackenzie double majored in History and Anthropology in fall 2022. She is currently pursuing an MA in FSU's School of Communication. Mackenzie was an intern for three semesters. Here she talks with Alyssa Bynum about her experiences.

Hi, I am Mallory, a senior double-majoring in History and English. I am also a Presidential Scholar at FSU, and I graduated this past Spring Semester. My research looks at the overlap between history and literature, examining how fiction can be a source for historical research and for crafting historical narratives where archival material might be lacking.

Elizabeth Richardson took Dr. Andrew Frank's 'FSU and the Seminole Tribe' for her senior seminar class. The project she researched and wrote on provides an in-depth analysis of the Native American imagery utilized by Florida State from the time the university chose the Seminoles as its icon in 1947 to the symbolism employed by the university today. "Being raised a Gator, I knew only a little about Florida State’s traditions and nothing about FSU’s real connection to the Seminole tribe. This course provided me with mountains of information regarding FSU’s history, becoming my favorite undergrad course, ...".