An Interview with Brooke Thomson, FSU History Social Media Intern 2023

Thu, 04/18/24
Brooke Thomson

Brooke Thomson, a graduating senior who is double majoring in Creative Writing and History, interned with FSU History’s social media team for three semesters in 2023. Thomson stumbled upon this internship opportunity serendipitously during a History department student-faculty mixer. There, FSU History interns were interviewing students about being a history major for a series of social media posts. Thomson participated too, and this give her a chance to get a “distinct vibe for the kind of people I would be working with and also the work I might be doing.” Being able to use her passion for history and creative writing to craft history-focused social media content resonated deeply with Thomson, and after talking to History’s academic advisor, she joined the team.  

Throughout her internship, Thomson made posts for History’s different social media platforms, but her primary focus was on Instagram. From crafting visually appealing graphics to experimenting with video content, Thomson learned to navigate the landscape of digital storytelling for an institutional account.    

The internship allowed Thomson to develop a range of social media and public history skills. While initially dipping her toes into graphic design, she soon found herself immersed in the nuances of visual storytelling. The focus of her work shifted from static posts to video content creation, including using historic video footage as well as filming her own reels. “It was really fun to try and make more videos. So, I did that.” The internship provided her with a safe space to try out current trends and approaches.  

The two projects that were close to Thomson’s heart were both film-based. The first one was filming herself recreating a Minoan pottery – glaze and all! and the second was showcasing some historical baking recipes. “My favorite project was the historical recipes because I got to film myself cooking. Instead of just taking a series of photos and then narrating those, I forced myself to film the project – like a professional.” These projects not only displayed her talents but also provided a platform for immersive learning and experimentation.  

Central to Thomson’s internship enjoyment was the team experience. Interns meet weekly to discuss their work and offer feedback to each other. Having a second pair of eyes on their posts helped everybody produce the best work possible. Thomson also credits the support and guidance of Dr. Liebeskind with helping her succeed. “I respected everything that she said. If she thought that I could be doing something better, or if she was telling me that I could experiment with something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, then I would actually go out of my way to do it. Because I wanted to live up to her expectations, maybe even exceed them.”  

As Thomson graduates and ventures into the professional realm, the internship experience has equipped her with many useful insights and skills. Her aspiration is to pursue museum and archival work for which the social media internship provided an invaluable hands-on and mentoring experience.  

Reflecting on her internship, Brooke wholeheartedly recommends the experience to fellow students. Beyond skill acquisition, the internship offers a supportive environment for personal and professional growth and exploration. Her advice to aspiring interns is seizing the opportunity and embrace the challenges. “This is a really flexible internship. It's very supportive. If you are interested in doing it, it will not overwhelm your student or social life. It's fun and informative.”