History major

Hi, I am Mallory, a senior double-majoring in History and English. I am also a Presidential Scholar at FSU, and I graduated this past Spring Semester. My research looks at the overlap between history and literature, examining how fiction can be a source for historical research and for crafting historical narratives where archival material might be lacking.

Elizabeth Richardson took Dr. Andrew Frank's 'FSU and the Seminole Tribe' for her senior seminar class. The project she researched and wrote on provides an in-depth analysis of the Native American imagery utilized by Florida State from the time the university chose the Seminoles as its icon in 1947 to the symbolism employed by the university today. "Being raised a Gator, I knew only a little about Florida State’s traditions and nothing about FSU’s real connection to the Seminole tribe. This course provided me with mountains of information regarding FSU’s history, becoming my favorite undergrad course, ...".

Olivia Lanaghan double majored from Florida State University in History and Communication in the fall of 2021. For law school, she decided on Stetson University College of Law. In this interview, Lanaghan shares how she prepared for law school and what sets law school apart from undergrad.

In this interview, Anne Tirrell shares her thoughts on being a History major and a student at Florida State. "The best thing about coming to FSU was the opportunity to know and work with like-minded friends and peers in the History Department, with whom I can both share my research and passions and learn from in turn. This is something I am incredibly privileged to have."

In this interview, Sarah Brophy shares her experiences as a History major. She talks in particular about all the research opportunities available at Florida State University for undergraduate students. Sarah is also a Service Scholar. Her second major is Poli Sci.

Hi, I am Cassandra, and I recently graduated from FSU's Department of History. In this project, I explore the connections between a series of government reforms occurring near the end of the reign of King Louis XV and enlightened absolutism. I spent the summer of 2022 studying in Paris and loved seeing all of the history in the city for myself. I chose Dr. Cathy McClive's senior seminar on Claudine Rouge’s disappearance in 18th century France because it would give me a chance to explore more complex themes in early modern French history, which is one of my favorite time periods in history.

Congratulations to Benjamin Ream, winner of FSU History's Undergraduate Research Paper Award, and Anne Tirrell who received an honorable mention.

History major Ryan Alvarez transferred to FSU after his freshman year. He came because of the professors in the History department and the courses that were offered. His advice to incoming students: Involve yourself in the history community and talk to your advisors and your teachers. The university and the department provide a lot of tools to succeed - but you need to reach out and make use of them.

An interview with Logan Buffa, a senior studying History and Political Science, and his faculty mentor, Dr. Katherine Mooney. Logan transferred to FSU as a junior in 2020. Upon graduation, he plans to go to graduate school in History. His HITM project addresses the question: Where did Florida Man come from historically?

On March 23 at 5pm at the Rendina Room, FSU Alumni Center, David Blight will deliver the Department of History's 4th annual James P. Jones Lecture.