Online Resources for History Majors

Marina Ortiz

Although FSU’s classes have transitioned to online instruction methods, there are still plenty of ways for history majors and other students in history classes to get their history fix—whether it be for scholarly research or personal interest. Engaging with history remotely is possible with a wealth of resources provided by FSU libraries and other instructional and cultural institutions nationwide.

            FSU libraries has a host of resources available for students seeking help with history assignments. Humanities’ librarian Adam Beauchamp has a curated guide to historical research resources on the library’s website. Beauchamp compiled helpful guides from citation and formatting to breakdowns of what makes up a primary or secondary source. For students looking to dive into historical research, the guide has links to scholarly journal databases as well as suggestions for archival databases. Some sections of the guide are also divided into regional and period categories.

            In addition to the history-specific guide, FSU libraries provides access to e-books and the HathiTrust, sources which can be consulted remotely by logging in to your library account. Even if you are away from Strozier you can read through a host of e-books, which you can easily find by filtering your search to include e-books only. FSU students also have access to HathiTrust, a digital repository for e-books and archival sources.

            For those looking to stay occupied while social distancing, many national and international institutions provide virtual tours and online activities. Google Arts & Culture has compiled links to museums offering these digital services. Take a virtual field trip to some of these museums and explore art and history from your couch! @TheMuseumofModernArt is posting regularly to their Instagram encouraging the public to engage with the museum’s collection from the comfort of their own home. They’ve dubbed the movement #museumfromhome.

            Doing history remotely can be an enriching exercise in developing digital researching skills. By exploring the resources provided both by FSU and other institutions, history students are empowered to continue with their research despite unprecedented circumstances.