Dr. Joan Flores-Villalobos: "We Know Not Where Our Bones May Lay": Kinship, Death, and Money in the Panama Canal

Dr. Joan Flores-Villalobos

Dr. Flores-Villalobos is an assistant professor of history at The Ohio State University, where she specializes in the history of gender, race, and migration. She earned her PhD from New York University in African Diaspora History. Her talk at FSU represents a portion of her current book project, The Silver Women: Intimacy and Migration in the Panama Canal. In this book, Dr. Flores-Villalobos explores the labor migration of West Indian women during the Panama Canal construction, from 1904 to 1914, and the diasporic affective and economic linkages they created. Her research has been supported by the Ford Foundation, the American Historical Association, and the American Association of University Women.

She will speak at FSU on 2/20 at 5pm. HWC 2401.