Graduate Student Directory

Graduate Students

Early Modern France, History of Medicine & Science, Gender Studies
Gender, law, and property in the French Revolutionary Era
20th Century US History, World War II, Holocaust, Public History
Historical Administration and Public History
Political music, Encountering the Others, Jesuit missionaries in East Asia, Performing arts, Cultural history
War and Society, Modern US, Modern Europe, Asia
Intersectional histories of African Americans and Indigenous communities in early America; Evolution of enslavement/bondage in early America; lesser-known histories of marginalized and underrepresented people (women and children), spaces, and narratives
History of Medicine; Medieval and Early Modern Europe; Gender and Sexuality Studies; Intellectual History
African American migration to the Soviet Union, Russian and Soviet history, Modern U.S. history, Race during the Cold War, Gender & Sexuality
Modern US History, Southern History
Southeastern Europe, Gender & Sexuality, Identity, Women's work, Cross-cultural exchange

Graduate Assistants

Migration, Ethnicity, Modern USA
History of Environmental Science, Gender, Public History, Global History
Modern Middle East, Politics, Intellectual History, Identity
Culture and resistance in Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied Poland.
Intellectual history, religious history, civic life in the Renaissance
African American military experiences during the Cold War Era and 20th Century Black social movements
Race, teaching of history (textbooks; standardized materials), colonialism Middle East
Modern U.S. History, Southern History
Indigenous History; 20th Century Environmental History
Early Modern France, History of the Body, Crimes of Female Deviancy and Criminality
Sports and Native American History
Public History, 19th and 20th Century US History
American Cultural History, Florida History

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Gender and Sexuality, The Middle East, Atlantic World
Bonapartist Spain, Napoleonic Imperial integration, Revolutionary Atlantic
Franco-German relations during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era; cultural and intellectual history of the Enlightenment; development of nationalism and cosmopolitanism in modern Europe
Early Modern British Empire, Atlantic World, Gender and Sexuality, with an emphasis on families in 18th C Jamaica.
Modern Japanese history, Modern Chinese history, 20th Century US history
Policing, Gender, and the German Military
Modern Britain, British Empire, Governmentality, Land Reform in Ireland and South Africa, History of Masculinity.
Intelligence History, LGBTQ+ History, WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, Gender History, Military History

Modern U.S. History, Migration under a U.S. Context, Chinese Adoption, Gender and Childhood