Follow Delaney, Grace and Carolena as they discuss their Undergraduate Research Opportunity project. The three worked with Ph.D. candidate Danielle Wirsansky on primary sources directly from the Imperial War Museum in London.

What's it like to do undergraduate research? Follow Leilani and Maddox as they talk about their time working on projects related to the Rosenstrasse protests in Germany in 1943.

Caroline Hackett, a PhD candidate in early modern French history, directed a UROP project on the relation between women and property in Old Regime Languedoc. She mentored two undergraduate students, Emily, a first-year International Affairs and Human Rights major, and Heesu, a first-year History major, working on primary sources both in English and French.

In this interview, we speak with Courtney, Lucie, and Emi who are working on an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program project in the History department. Under the direction of Danielle Wirsansky, a PhD candidate in History - and herself a UROP alumna, they are looking at the experience of women spies in World War II.

An interview with Laina Leslie, a first-year Psychology major, who is participating in an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Project in the History department. Working under the direction of Dr. Kurt Piehler and Ms. Anne McCudden of the Thomasville History Center, Laina is surveying historic homes in Thomasville, Georgia.

Also joining the History Department and the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution is Cathy McClive, a social and cultural historian of medicine, gender, embodiment and expertise in ancien regime France. Dr. McClive has published widely in French and English on masculinities, legal medicine, pregnancy, puberty and menstruation in early modern France.

We are pleased to welcome Maximilian Scholz, a historian of religion with a specialization in the Reformation, who will join the department this fall. Dr. Scholz received his PhD in 2016 from Yale University, where his dissertation won the Elizabethan Club Award for best dissertation on a Renaissance or Early Modern topic.

We are very pleased that Nilay Özok-Gündogan, a specialist in Ottoman and modern Middle East history, is joining our department. Dr. Özok-Gündogan's major research project concerns the Kurdish principalities in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey.

The History Department and the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution are happy to welcome Elizabeth Cross, a historian of eighteenth-century France and its empire whose work emphasizes the history of political economy and capitalism. Dr. Cross received her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2017.

We are delighted to welcome Anasa Hicks as our new Caribbean specialist. Hicks will receive her Ph.D. this summer from New York University. Her research focuses on Cuba with a Caribbean wide analytic lens.