Meet your academic advisor!

picture of Anne Kozar

One of the most pivotal members in any department is the academic advisor and FSU’s History Department is no different. Anne Kozar advises undergraduate and graduate students in history; however, she did not always plan on ending up in advising. She actually studied art during undergrad and worked with commercial art and interior decorators. As a dance minor, Mrs. Kozar found herself taking many jobs related to the fine arts such as teaching exercise at a senior center, watercolors at the YWCA, and dance lessons for elementary children. During her journey, she kept returning to university. Though both her parents were professors, Mrs. Kozar did not want to be an academic and discovered her interest in advising while working on her master’s degree in higher education administration.

When asked about her favorite part of being an academic advisor, Mrs. Kozar couldn’t say the word “students” fast enough. “The most rewarding part is watching human development; to watch a freshman come into FSU and be a little nervous…and watching that person grow into a very confident young adult. It’s an amazing thing to watch.”

Mrs. Kozar thinks one of the biggest misconception students have about their department is about the faculty. Students can be intimidated by their professors in the classroom setting and might be hesitant to go talk to them. But “Office hours are for real! They actually will talk to you and meet with you,” emphasizes Mrs. Kozar. Faculty are incredibly networked throughout the country in their specializations and just one discussion can provide helpful information. In regard to the history department specifically, Mrs. Kozar noted how over the years, students have come up to her and said their history classes were some of the most interesting in their degree. Reflecting on the faculty, history courses can be an amazing and enriching elective any student could take.

After 30 years of academic advising, Anne Kozar is more than just a name attached to emails you’ll receive through the semester. Helping students succeed is her passion. We actually spontaneously discussed my graduation plan for the upcoming year after the interview and exchanged storied about our families. I strongly encourage any student to reach out to Mrs. Kozar and make us of History Department faculty’s office hours as well.