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Department of History / People / Faculty by Name / Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant

Professor of History

Additional Information

418 Bellamy
Ph.D., 1995, University of Wisconsin
Research Interests: 
Russia and Central Asia

Contact Information

Jonathan Grant

Jonathan Grant received his B.A. (1986) and M.A. (1989 and 1990) from Indiana University before taking his doctorate at the University of Wisconsin in 1995. A specialist in modern Russian history, he is the author of Big Business in Russia: The History of the Putilov Company in Late Imperial Russia, 1868-1917 (Pittsburgh, 1999). His most recent book, Rulers Guns, and Money (Harvard, 2007) deals with the global army trade in the age of imperialism. His teaching areas include Russia, Central Asia, Ottoman Empire, Balkans, and World War I.