Resource List for FSU History Students

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This is a list of resources for students, History Majors and others, to help with accessing necessary information.

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Academics and Admissions

History Department Information

Undergraduate Research

Library Resources

Here are links to resources that the libraries on campus offer to students, staff, and faculty. For more information on History related resources, contact Adam Beauchamp (, the History/Humanities librarian.

Career Center

Here are links for resources from the Career Center here at FSU. For more information and assistance, contact Cathy Barrios ( as she is the Assistant Director of Experiential Learning and Career Liaison of the College of Arts and Sciences, Humanities, as well as a Pre-Law Advisor.

International Programs

Mental Health Resources

Diversity and Inclusion

Accessibility and Disability Resources

Seminole Dining

Office of Financial Aid

University Housing

Environment, Safety and Sustainability

Campus Recreation and Fitness

Organizations, Greek Life and Honor Societies

Here are links to the various organizations, clubs, fraternities, sororities, and honor societies approved by FSU.


Here are links to the more entertaining aspects of student life here at FSU.