Richard Soash

Visiting Assistant Professor
R Soash

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BEL 460

Richard Soash received his B.A. degree from Florida Southern College (2011) and earned his MA (2013) and PhD (2018) from Florida State University.  Dr. Soash’s specialty is the history of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; his research and teaching strongly emphasize issues involving immigration, race, citizenship, and public policy.  His current project explores the ways in which federal judges, legislators, and bureaucrats drew both literal and ideological boundary lines to the benefit of Lebanese and Armenian immigrants in the early twentieth century.

In 2015 and 2017, Dr. Soash’s students nominated him for FSU’s Outstanding T.A. Award.  He has won both national and university research fellowships, including the Gunter Barth Fellowship from the Bancroft Library at U.C. Berkeley and two competitive awards through Florida State, the Walbolt Research Fellowship and the Martin-Vegue Writing Fellowship.


Courses include:

AMH 2020 A History of the United States Since 1877

AMH 2097 Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States

HIS 3491 Medicine and Society

AMH 4220 History of the US Progressive Era