Prospective Graduate Students

What are some of the program options available for a Master's degree or PhD?

The Department of History offers graduate students several program options for the master's program. A minimum of 18 semester hours of undergraduate work in history is normally required as a prerequisite for the Master of Arts program. Information about the general requirements, fields of graduate study, foreign language requirements, the MA supervisory committee, MA comprehensive exams, thesis requirements, and procedures for the thesis can all be found within the section of the Graduate Handbook entitled Master of Arts in History.

The FSU Department of History also offers special concentrations for the master's degree. Prospective students who are interested in pursuing careers in public history as archivists, oral historians, museum managers or staff, historic preservationists, or national and state park rangers are encouraged to consider the Master of Arts in History with a Concentration in Historical Administration and Public History. Those who are considering specialized topics pertinent to military subjects or the socio-cultural impacts of war should consider the program options for the Master in Arts in History with a Concentration in War & Society. There is also a Master of Science non-thesis degree option for students who do not plan to pursue doctoral studies at Florida State University.

Students who are interested in pursuing doctoral studies should consult the section entitled Doctor of Philosophy in History in the Graduate Handbook. See also the FSU General Bulletin: Graduate Edition.