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Revolutionary and Napoleonic France, Latin American Independence
Contemporary Europe, International Politics, Cold War History, Military Affairs
East Asia, Modern Japanese, Intellectual History
Medieval Europe, Social Banditry, Peasants and Rural Society, Modern Spain
History of Science and Technology, Environmental History, Cold War and International Relations, Modern U.S., Circumpolar Arctic
Native American, Florida, U.S. South, Early U.S.
American Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Intellectual Property, Medical Ethics, Aesthetics
Modern Europe, Germany, Russia, Holocaust and Comparative Genocide
Russia and Central Asia
Early America
Middle East, Legal History, Digital Humanities
History of Science, Environment, Cold War, Women and Science
Latin America
Twentieth-Century Cuba, Hispanic Caribbean, Labor Studies, Women and Gender
19th Century U. S., African American History
Public and Urban History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, Public Health, Women's History
Modern South Asia, Islam
Early Modern France, History of Medicine, Gender, Expertise, and the French Revolution
U.S. South, Cultural History, 19th Century U.S., Slavery, Race and Gender
Middle East, Ottoman Empire
Medieval Europe, Italian Communes, the Italian Renaissance
War and Society, Oral History, World War II, History and Memory
Post-1945 US, political and cultural history, gender/sexuality, carcerality, childhood
History of Slavery, Race & Ethnicity in America
Reformation, Religion, Migration and Exiles, Early Modern Europe
Migration, Gender, U.S. History in Comparative Perspective
US History
Modern Europe and Germany, the Holocaust, Political Violence and Resistance
Modern Britain, British Empire, Gender and Sexuality, Atlantic World
Modern Germany, European Intellectual History, Religion, Terrorism
Atlantic History, Indian Ocean History, Legal History, France & Its Empire