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Department of History / People / Faculty by Name / James P. Jones

James P. Jones

Professor of History

Additional Information

451 Bellamy
Ph.D., 1960, University of Florida
Research Interests: 
United States, Civil War

Contact Information

James P. Jones

Professor Jones received his B.A. (1953), M.A. (1954), and Ph.D. (1960) from the University of Florida. A member of the History faculty at Florida State since 1957, he is a Distinguished Teaching Professor and an authority on the American Civil War. His extensive publications include six books: Montgomery as the Confederate Capital: View of a New Nation (Alabama Historical Society, 1964), with William W. Rogers; "Black Jack": John A. Logan and Southern Illinois in the Civil War Era (Florida State, 1967); Frank Church, Civil War Marine (U.S. Marine Corps Historical Division, 1974), with Edward P. Keuchel; Yankee Blitzkrieg: Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia (Georgia, 1976); John A. Logan, Stalwart Republican from Illinois (Florida State, 1982); and "War So Terrible": Sherman and Atlanta (Norton, 1987), with James Lee McDonough. Professor Jones is also interested in the history of World War II and sports history.

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