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Department of History / Institutes, Research Centers, and Programs / Program in Historical Administration and Public History

Program in Historical Administration and Public History

Since the late 1970s, the Historical Administration and Public History (HAPH) program at Florida State University has prepared students to enter historically oriented careers in fields such as cultural resources management, historic preservation, museums, archives, and information and records management. Sudents who successfully complete the program receive a Master's in History with a Major in Public History.

FSU recognizes that public historians need specialized training to be effective in their chosen careers. Therefore, HAPH blends theory with practice, providing students with a well-rounded education in historical methods, scholarship, and pratical application. Students also choose an emphasis area to build their program of study around: Cultural Resources Management, Historical Records Administration, Southern History & Florida Studies, War and Society, History Education, New Media & Public History, or Museum Studies. In addition to the department's award winning faculty, students have the opportunity to take classes from community leaders in public history. Moreover, Tallahassee offers HAPH students unique opportunities. HAPH has established relationships with local area public history institutions such as the Florida State Museum of History, the Florida State Archives, the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation, and Mission San Luis, among many others, that provide students with internship opportunities at their doorstep. We invite you to learn more about our long tradition of training scholars in articulating history to a general audience.